Weekend Update

Wonderful things are a-happening. Check out our new FaceBook fan page!

Wordsmith Studio is growing by leaps and bounds. And like every rapidly developing prodigy, it has its moments of awkwardness. I think of how my childhood Doberman pup had to grow into its paws.

This weekend we are wrestling with the email server. If you stepped up for the call to become a Steering Committee member, please forward your submission to the Steeringcommittee@wordsmithstudio.org to ltsailiata@zoho.com. If you have yet to submit, just go ahead and Cc me. Brooke’s deadline still stands. If you sent it to us before our glitch, it will still be stamped with the original date of your sending.

Thank your for your patience. Exciting things are just around the corner.

The Steering Committee

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