Poetry Prompt: Bein’ Green

Mid-March is such a glorious time of year. It ushers in the start of Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Big Bird’s birthday (in my opinion, one of the most important March events ever), and so much more! It’s such a gloriously green time of year!

I must admit, my favorite season has always been the winter-cusp-of-autumn … that time of year when the leaves are still changing colors and the trees are slowly becoming skeletal. But there’s something about the coming of spring that is so invigorating and fresh. As the world revives and everything becomes green, the world just seems … so new.

For this Friday’s poetry prompt, write a “Green” poem. Try to engage with the color and some of its “metaphorical representations” as much as you can. Green could be newness or rebirth, the coming of spring, immortality, luck (think four leaf clovers), or safety. Green could also represent poison or illness, jealousy or envy, inexperience, greed … and much more. Make a list of “green” words: shades of green, mixed with green things, mixed with things green represents. Then pick and choose your favorites and use them as the foundation for your green poem!

How to Share Your Response

Here’s how you can share your response with the Wordsmith Studio Community:

1. Write a poem in response to the prompt

2. Share your poem on your blog

3. Link to your poem in a comment on this post

Once the poems start to “bloom,” can do a bunny-blog-hop around to see and share how each other let green grow in their poems! If you would prefer, feel free to share your poem in a comment below; just be sure to visit the other poems and spread the love!

2 comments for “Poetry Prompt: Bein’ Green

  1. March 17, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    Oh! Am I the first? OK. Here I come. Green happens to be my favourite colour of nature 🙂
    Here it is:

  2. Becca
    March 24, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    I have some photos I wanted to share… I know it’s a poetry prompt, but it made me think of these, so here they are regardless:


    I might even write a poem about one of them and post it this week…
    Becca 😉

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