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Tagline Winner (3)

The votes have been counted and the winner of the Wordsmith Studio Tagline Contest 2013 is Julia Tomiak.

The new tagline reads:

Wordsmith Studio: A community of writers crafting words into art 

To re-write the tagline, Wordsmith Studio’s leadership, the Wordsmith Advisory Group or WAG, solicited entries from the membership. WAG asked members to consider what they think Wordsmith Studio is and then write a line that describes our community to others.

The instructions were: be brief, be descriptive, be original but be clear. Give us a line that we can use now and for the foreseeable future as we continue to grow.

The membership produced more than 50 possible taglines. WAG reviewed them all, tweaked them, played with them, revised them, edited them, Wordsmith-ed them. Then we put the six semi-finalists into a WAG vote and came up with the four best. We created a community poll for those four out of which Julia’s entry was deemed most appropriate.

Changes afoot

To evolve, a group must continue to examine its mission and purpose. It must evaluate if its behaviors are supporting the mission and purpose or if some activities ought to be abandoned. When the steering committee decided to turn the operation of Wordsmith Studio over to a new generation of leadership, they conducted polls related to the group’s mission and presence. Those poll results have served as guides for the new leadership.

In response to the polls, for example, WAG has already enacted some changes to the website. Among these changes are function buttons such as share and follow icons to better integrate the site with members’ individual pages. Another evolution was the disablement of the forums and a shift to the magazine layout currently in use.

The next stage in the look and feel evolution of the Wordsmith Studio web site is the graphic design of the header and background. These design elements will appear on the Facebook page, the Twitter account page, and any other formal Wordsmith Studio artifacts. The design is important as it represents the organization to anyone who encounters it.

To determine the “feel” of the organization, WAG decided to address the tagline first. A tagline is a brief phrase that describes the mission of a group in a way that represents the membership and purpose of the organization. A tagline should have an air of permanence while being operative and bendable as the organization changes.

The old tagline “Done but not over,” had the ring of history to it. It referenced the inciting event that brought the founders together but it did not take into account the new reach and membership the organization has gained. The organization now has social media veterans at the helm and in the ranks.

In the beginning

Wordsmith Studio began as a group of fledgling writers who met during a blog challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer, an editor for Writers Digest. In the Spring of 2012, Brewer’s My Name is Not Bob blog challenged would-be writers to purposefully engage in social media as a means by which to grow their readership. Out of that supportive, collaborative effort came Wordsmith Studio with the original tagline, “Done but not over,” which described the group’s desire to remain connected and collaborative long after April 2012 and Robert Lee Brewer had moved on.

The original steering committee, made up of dedicated writers and socialpreneurs, founded Wordsmith Studio as a collaborative organization led by its participants and members. During its inaugural year, Wordsmith Studio members participated in blog hops, tweet chats, and blog challenges. The members set up a web site, a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a G+ presence, and a Goodreads book club. Wordsmith-ers were all over the internet alerting the world to their presence and their collaboration. The inciting challenge was over, but the community it begat survived.

In this new year of Wordsmith Studio, the organization is maturing. One effort to do so is a redesign of the site, including the tagline (Thanks, Julia!). Details on the “look” part of the competition will be published within a fortnight. Until then, thanks go to all those who participated in the tagline contest as writers, voters, cheerleaders, and designers.


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    Yay! I’m so glad the community liked my idea. And thanks to Khara for designing an awesome badge. I can’t wait to see what else we can do!

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