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Every Thursday we’ll post a new topic for your creative pleasure.  When you get a good flash story, memory, poem, or photo (or three, or five) post them to your blog, website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Then come back here and post a link to your contribution(s) in the comments.

This Week’s Theme is: Found

You’d be surprised at the amazing things you find when you just look around. I live in the country and there’s one particularly sharp curve where people tend to pull off the road and dump their trash. I walked past there yesterday and found a leather couch and chair that had been there for quite some time that inspired this prompt. What can you find?


Get Creative!

LIke to write? Tell us a story. Make it a true story about something you found. Make something up about a strange item that was never supposed to be found. Write a poem, stringing beautiful words together about something incredible. Circle random words on a page from a magazine or old book and use them to write a found poem.

Take pictures? Show us a shot of something surprising you find with your camera. 

Are you crafty? Go for a walk and pick up some things you find. See what you can make and show us a photo when you’re finished. 

Got Ideas?

Do you have suggestions for future “Prompt” posts? Leave us a comment, or email us here.  We ♥LOVE♥ feedback!

Be sure to check back next week for more fun and new inspiration. 


Happy Creating!

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