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This Week’s Theme is: Summer Reading

Think of those lazy days of your youth.  School ends and those wonderful days of summer start.  You go to the library and sign up for the summer reading program and take out a stack of books.  You have the wonderful feeling all the way home – new books to explore.  Who knows what you will find there!  And then as an adult, you find the same feeling.  You get a new book and sneak out into the yard and start reading.  You can be transported to a different place and time.  Reading does that, you know.


summer reading

Photo by Spirit-Fire (CC via Flickr)

Get Creative!

So where will you go with a prompt of summer reading? Will you tell us about your youth?  How about sharing your summer reading list? Perhaps you want to give us an ode to your favorite summer read.  Or snap a few pics of others caught up in their summer books.  How about your favorite book?  What is it and where were you when you read it?  On the banks of a creek?  Under a weeping willow?  What does summer reading mean to you?

Got Ideas?

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Happy Creating!

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