Creative Prompt: Tattered


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This Week’s Theme is: Tattered

You can often find me at an antique shop, winding through the isles of tattered, rusted, and worn history. I love touching the pieces, smelling the books as I leaf through the pages, seeing the vivid colors and faded patina, and imagining where these items came from. I feel comfortable in these places… like I belong… like I’m home. I think it’s because I feel a lot like those objects, falling to pieces yet beautiful in it’s very own way. I feel tattered, but still worth someone’s love and attention.

photo by: Ladyheart

photo by: Ladyheart

Get Creative!


What is the first thing that forms in your mind when you see/hear that word? Is it an object that you think of? Does it evoke a feeling within? Or do you associate that word with yourself as I do?

Got Ideas?

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Happy Creating!

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      Thank you Michelle!!! I appreciate you participating!!!

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    Terrific prompt… will be back tomorrow …

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