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This Week’s Theme is: Waiting

Sometimes, despite our very best efforts, that thing we want the most is in someone else’s hands. So we wait. Other times we’ve been told the timing matters and we should hold off for a bit, so we wait. I’ve heard writers refer to nursing homes as Heaven’s waiting room. When we’ve done what we could and now it’s time to change, so we wait.


Have you ever gotten to the gate in time for the boarding call but the flight attendants aren’t even there yet? Have you given yourself twenty minutes to stop by the store and found a 30 minute check out line changed your whole day? Some industries, like grocery stores, are sensitive to the waiting experience and work hard to provide comfort to customers or to eliminate waiting all together. Others, like the airlines, don’t care.

When have you waited for something important? A decision? An opportunity? A natural occurrence like a storm or a birth or death?

Get Creative!

Write about your experience waiting. Was it agonizing? Was it easy and fun? Was it a chance to reflect on where you’d been and anticipate the change heading your way? How did waiting change you?

Got Ideas?

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Happy Creating!

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