Creative Prompt: A Dark and Stormy Night


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This Week’s Theme is: A Dark and Stormy Night

The beginning of a spooky tale sets the tone for the rest of the story. One classic opener, “It was a dark and stormy night,” has been long disrespected for being cliché, but it really sets the scene for a scary tale. Those seven words can paint quite the picture in the reader’s mind: The wind howls. The sky is black with clouds. Rain pounds the naked limbs of trees as they bend and knock against one another.bare-tree

Get Creative!

In this week’s prompt, get creative with a descriptive opening scene for a horror story: an abandoned church with overturned pews, broken stained glass, and the scuttling of bugs in the walls; an eerie crypt with cobwebs on the walls; broken stones dusting up, clouding the air; the flicker of a match or the lonely beam of a flashlight.

Focus on scenery and opening lines. Give three or four sentences that our fellow Wordsmithers can add on to in the comments section to create a scary tale. Post your response in the comments here or on your own blog. Leave us the link and let’s spin some scary stories together.

Got Ideas?

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