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Usually, every Thursday we’ll post a new topic for your creative pleasure, but this week, we decided to post a couple of days early in honor of Veterans Day. When you get a good flash story, memory, poem, or photo (or three, or five) post them to your blog, website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Then come back here and post a link to your contribution(s) in the comments.

This Week’s Theme is: Freedom

Veteran's Day 2014The United States celebrates Veterans Day every November 11 to honor and thank all who have served in the United States Armed Forces. The President’s Veterans Day Proclamation states, “The price of freedom is high. We cannot afford to forget those willing to pay it. Today, we celebrate America’s veterans for keeping this Nation ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave.’”

It is our privilege to say “Thank you” to all twenty-five million veterans still living today.

Recently, the Veterans Administration has been under fire with accusations of long wait times and poor medical care. This is not news to veterans, my father being one of them.

Our vets deserve better.

The man chosen to turn things around, the new Secretary for Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald, attended my high school. And while I didn’t know him, I was impressed when, in his CBS interview, he said, “I feel like my whole life has been designed to lead to this.”


Get Creative

This week, you have a choice:

  1. Use the words of Robert McDonald as inspiration: “I feel like my whole life has been designed to lead to this.” Perhaps it is your writing career. Or a volunteer position. Or even as a freedom fighter. Include how grateful you are to have the freedom to pursue your calling.
  2. Write a poem, letter, story, or song of thanks for a veteran you know. You could also create a collage, paint a picture, sketch a portrait, take a photo, knit a scarf, cross-stitch a pillow, or bake a cake and decorate it like an American flag. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get creative. Don’t forget to share it with them (and us in the comments below). It’ll mean more than you know.

Got Ideas?

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Be sure to check back next week for more fun and new inspiration.


Happy Creating!

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