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This Week’s Theme is: Elimination

New Year’s Day is often the start of many “new” things: a new gym habit, a new diet, a new sleep schedule, a new writing routine, etc.

“New Year’s Day is the start,” we say. “January 1st is a new beginning.”

What often accompanies a “new” thing is the elimination of something old. Instead of sitting on the couch for 12 hours binge watching Battlestar Galactica, you spend hours on the treadmill at the gym. Eating uncooked3462056308_0808fac97d_z cookie dough straight from the tube (admit it, you’ve done it, too) is replaced with eating fresh, homemade salads chock-full of raw spinach.

However, true elimination is hard. Elimination sounds, and should be, permanent. Most often, we try to eliminate something, and succeed for a while, but then it creeps back in.

Get Creative!

Have you ever truly eliminated something from your life? What have you failed to eliminate? If you can’t think of something eliminated from your life, then what about one of your characters’ lives? How did the elimination affect them? Is it even possible to achieve true elimination?

Got Ideas?

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