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This Week’s Theme is: Frozen

photo by dana dampier

photo by dana dampier

“Let it go. Let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore . . .”

Just kidding!! I wouldn’t do that to you!! Unless that inspires you, of course.

Otherwise, think about something that is frozen. Yeah, there’s popcicles and ice cream (Yum!), but let’s get a little more creative. They say every single snowflake is unique. Do you believe it? Have you ever looked? Here’s a fun fact: as something gets colder, it becomes more dense. This is true for everything, except water, to a degree. Water will get more dense as its temperature drops, right up until it freezes. When water freezes, its molecules align themselves in a crystalline structure, spreading out, and becoming less dense. This is why ice floats in your tea!

Get Creative!

Use the picture above to inspire  a poem or story. Take your own frozen photo and share with us the joys of winter! Write about what it might feel like to freeze. Sketch a one of a kind snowflake or a frozen crystal of ice. Post your creation online and leave us a link in a comment below so we can check it out.

Got Ideas?

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Happy Creating!

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