Creative Prompt: Subconscious Visions


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This Week’s Theme is: Subconscious Visions


Last week in the #wschat, one member mentioned that she’d undergone dental surgery and had been hopped up on drugs to dull the pain. This meant she’d been experiencing vivid and weird hallucinations almost daily. Just about every person in the chat responded with, “Write those hallucinations down!” We also wished her well, but it was obvious that our first instinct, as writers, was to record whatever her half-conscious mind had shown her.

Get Creative!

What is the last dream you remember? Nightmare? Write it down. Every detail. What color was the room? If you weren’t in a room, what color was the sky and the ground? Who was in your dream and what did they say? Were you you?

My mother was supposed to be a twin, but the other embryo did not make it to term. Sometimes she has dreams where she is a man, walking down roads that are familiar to him, but not to her. We like to speculate this is her experiencing the twin’s life, the other reality.

Were there any major symbols in your dream? Scissors, running water, flowers… If you don’t have a dream dictionary available, look one up online. Does the symbol’s meaning, combined with the overall feel of your dream, hold a deeper significance to you?

I often dream, at least once a month, that my teeth crumble and fall out. Some dream dictionaries say this means I have a fear of speaking my mind, but I honestly think I have a fear of my teeth falling out – no special meaning behind it.

What about your characters? Write down a dream for them, or a nightmare. Don’t pay attention to logic, gravity, or time. Dreams don’t care about that kind of stuff. Do add symbols. Color. Intention. How does your character feel after they wake? Are they scared? Frightened? Determined? What do they do?

Got Ideas?

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Happy Creating!

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