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This Week’s Theme is: Trapped (in a good way)

It’s that time of year again, when the weather can strand airline passengers in Philadelphia. Fog, low cloud ceilings, flash storms: all nature’s various ways of saying, “What’s your hurry?”

spiderTo be trapped is to be at the mercy of one’s captor. In the case of the PHL travelers, that captor is weather, but we can be trapped by so many things. Ineptitude or lack of education can trap us in dead-end, unsatisfying jobs. Fear or uncertainty can trap us in friendships that ruin us. The memory of love can trap us in relationships that we ought to let go. Determination to finish can trap us in a bad novel.

Get Creative!

Being trapped typically carries a negative connotation. It implies powerlessness. But what about feeling glad for the trap? Like the chance to spend a seven-hour layover reading, instead of having to return to the office at the end of a trip? Or the snowstorm that gives us a chance to cuddle on the couch with our kids on a Tuesday morning.

Flip the word “trapped” from the feeling of “stuck” to the image of “freed” from previous obligations. Trapped on a roller coaster, mid-ascent, and provided the chance to have a much-needed talk with a teenage son. Trapped on a stalled train, and available to listen to another passenger’s amazing Holocaust survival story.

How can being trapped turn into an opportunity? Put the link to your trapped (in a good way) story in the comments below.

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