Writers’ Homecoming: Wordsmith Studio’s 3rd Anniversary Blog Hop – Week #3

Welcome to the third week of our Writers’ Homecoming Blog Hop, which is part of Wordsmith Studio’s month-long festivities to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our writing group!

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Our writing group is celebrating our 3rd anniversary with activities throughout the month of April, including weekly Blog Hops, Scavenger Hunts, livechats and other events.

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Writers’ Homecoming Blog Hop – Week 3

The Big Picture

Most of all, our annual anniversary celebrations seek to reconnect with each other — to find out about what we have each been working on, what has gone well, or the challenges we’ve learned from or are currently working to overcome. We encourage all Wordsmith Studio members to jump in — those past, present, lapsed, new… and maybe you, if you are just discovering our group and curious about joining. If you haven’t heard from a member in awhile, send them link to this (or earlier) hop and ask them to join in — we’d love to hear what everyone has been up to.

So far this month:

  • Blog hop 1: included interview questions to find out more about what our writers (and artists) are working on
  • Blog hop 2: a prompt about the idea of “homecoming” for writers

If you didn’t already share a post to those, you are welcome to use either of those as your prompt for this week — click through to get the instructions, write your post, and then add your post to the linky tool, below. (If you want to jump in on more than one post this week, then reply to the prior posts by adding you link in the comments beneath them, so you’re not posting more than once here.)

This Week’s Prompt: Tools, Resources & Process

This week’s prompt is about process. Our writing group first formed over a Platform Challenge: 30 days, during which we were challenged to try a different tool, process or form of social media every day in order to build platform.Since then, quite often our members have shared details of their creative process including tools or strategies that led to success — or even ones they wished existed.

As writers and artists, each of us continually find challenges and success in our work — in building ideas, in crafting our work to resemble our personal artistic goals, in revising and growing our skills, and in seeking audience, publication and promotion.

The idea of this week’s prompt is to share something of the challenges or successes you have been experiencing, and to reflect on any particular skills, tools or resources that help you find success. This can be one challenge you overcame. It can be an overall strategy. It can be a lesson learned. It can be the growth you are hoping to build next.


The library loft at Atlantic Center for the Arts. Where is your favorite place to write? c. Elissa Field

You may tackle this in whatever format is appropriate to your work. You could share a slice of life, journal-type post, about a particular hurdle, skill or a-ha moment, which might be your greatest frustration or greatest joy. You might be an expert, or you might be trying to solve an issue you haven’t yet mastered. Yours could be informative or a how-to about using a particular approach or resource. It could simply be a list of links to your favorite tools or resources. You could focus on a single tool or challenge, or many.

Clearly, take the idea and run with it. One limit: this should be a post you write for this hop or one you have written within the past month.

Want Structure? Use This Q & A

For those who like being interviewed, here are some questions to spur your thinking, or create a framework for your post. This is optional, and use whichever questions fit for you.

1) What are you currently working on? Or, what have you been working on (over the past month, year or in the 3 years since Wordsmith started)? Or, what do you plan to work on next?

2) For past work, what was your greatest joy or greatest challenge? This could be a single hurdle or overall experience.

3) For current work, what challenge are you working through now? Have you recently discovered a solution, or are you looking for a better approach?

4) For work you are just planning or starting, what challenges or growth are you expecting or hoping to encounter?

5) What have successes or challenges in your work (recently) taught you? Or, what new strategy, insight or tool have you discovered? Is there a single piece of advice you would pass on to others?

6) What obstacles or challenges have you not been able to overcome, or still frustrate you? Is there a “magic wand” you would invent to solve this problem?

7) How would you describe a great writing day (or week)? Do you have daily goals, or do you schedule blocks of time to write?

7) What specific tools or strategies help you succeed?  Here is where you share a specific (or several) process, tool, resource, skill, approach or strategy. It could be one you are getting ready to try, but most of you will be sharing one that worked for you, or one you would recommend. If it is a tool, resource or person’s advice that can be found online, share links in your post. Here are some ideas:

  • Craft: a lesson in craft, insight from a workshop, quote or advice from a writer you learned from, etc. This could be on building character, world building, plot structure, poetic structures, developing language or… all those insights we gain as our writing grows!
  • Books, programs or workshops: advice you’ve learned or ideas you recommend from a favorite book or article on writing, a seminar or workshop, a short term or masters program, a writing coach, or other sources for advice. This might generally describe the source, or might pass along the actual insights or advice you’ve learned.
  • Your writing network: what you’ve learned from or how your work benefits from your friends, beta readers, peers, critique group, writing group, masters cohort, or a mentor. Or, what you recommend to others about forming these networks.
  • Writing Life: strategies that help you overcome challenges like time management, balancing writing with family or a day job, earning a living, writing on the go, and activities, such as travel, playing with kids, running, hiking or meditating, that activate your creativity. This could be advice or merely a slice of life, sharing your experience.
  • Technology: tech tools that help you succeed with your blog, writing your work, revising, promoting, building platform, and with related creative work, such as photography or art. This could be hardware, software, websites, phone apps, social media sites, or approaches for making the most of any of these tools.
  • Writing desk: where do you write (desk? on the go? office? corner of the sofa? at a treadmill?), what tools do you prefer, and how does your setting impact your productivity? A picture is great with this one.
  • Other resources: what other tools have been useful to you, or have you been curious about trying?

Wow. Did you get a lot of ideas? It is possible this will yield more than one post for you — no worries, as we have another blog hop next week for you to share another post… and maybe the hops will even become a monthly feature, if members are enjoying them.

So, How Does This Blog Hop Work?

First, using any of the prompt ideas, go off and write your post. (You do not have to write a new post for this. If you recently wrote something that fits the theme, share that — “recently” means written within the past 30 days.)

There is a “Linky Tool” below this paragraph which will begin to include a thumbnail for each member who is participating in the hop. The way you join is: 1) click the link below to get the linky tool code; 2) in editing mode on your post, select to view “text” (so you see html code instead of the “visual” view) and paste in the linky code, then save and publish your post; and finally 3) click the link here to join the hop. Once done, the list of participant thumbnails displays on each hop post, so that we all benefit from the continual traffic of visitors to the hop.

Two notes and a rule: Your thumbnail will display after administrator approval. Thumbnails sort randomly each time the page loads, so everyone benefits. Please share just one link per hop-week (to participate more, come back next week for another hop, or add a link to prior hops if you did not already participate there).

This week’s hop runs 4/29-5/4.

Wordsmith Studio will publicize the hop on Facebook, Twitter and other venues. All participants and friends are encouraged to share the link to the hop; to like, comment or share participant posts; to subscribe to each other’s feed, and otherwise make the most of this chance to connect/reconnect.

Want to be festive? Grab a badge!

Wordsmith Studio is deep with talent, including Khara House who created this series of badges for our 3rd anniversary. Grab your favorite (right-clicking should give you an opportunity to “save”) and use it on your site or social media, as you see fit.







Happy Creating!

Wordsmith Studio


1 comment for “Writers’ Homecoming: Wordsmith Studio’s 3rd Anniversary Blog Hop – Week #3

  1. May 22, 2015 at 11:26 am

    This is a challenging post to respond to…for me anyway so it may be a few days.

    After 13 years of blogging I still find myself wondering how I have accomplished what I have when I have so little knowledge, connections and skills, compared to others.

    With miniscule audiences and being unable to make social media work for me there are some who wouldn’t have blamed me for ending my writing efforts…

    That has never been an option for me. If all I cared about was traffic I would have quit by 2006. I realized that If I had spent most of my time on social media sites I’d never have had the time to become the writer and person I am today, with the hopes and dreams I have.

    Maybe my lack of “socializing” as opposed to sharing in various ways the posts of others as I have always found ways to do keeps me off the radar of others in my niche and they forget I’m there with material worth the read and share.

    There ARE a handful of groups (Wordsmith, Blog Paws, Cat Writers’ Ass.) and tools (Facebook, Twitter) I want to be more active in as I feel they have value to me as a writer and pet blogger…others I am considering finally ditching in another reduction similar to one I did last year.

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