Rebecca Barray

Rebecca Barray is a stay home mother of three (four if you count her extremely child-like husband). She is a writer/photographer, and spends her precious little spare time writing/photographing, learning about writing/photographing and thinking about writing/photographing. She holds a BS in Biology, an MS in Neuroscience, and specialized in Human Anatomy, so she’s a bit of a science nerd and is always ready to point out medical and anatomical errors in her two favorite TV shows: House and Bones.

Rebecca is currently working on her first novel-length work, a romantic fantasy, and a few pieces of short fiction. When she’s not working on those, she loves to write very short flash fiction and the occasional poem. She’s unreasonably obsessed with commas, but is otherwise an exceptional proofreader. Wordsmith Studio Founder Badge

She has a blog where she shares bits of her fiction and photography through participation in a few prompts. You can also like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.