Paul Ellis

Amatuer author & podcaster. Actual husband, father & martial artist.

All of this started in 1977 and continued for about ten years. After I graduated, writing became something I stopped doing. Well, that I stopped doing for fun. For the next thirteen years or so, I did commercial copywriting for local radio and television stations; which was a lot of fun, but really didn’t pay the bills. So, I shifted careers and went into computer programming.

Now, programming paid the bills as well as fed a certain creative side, so I was happy. Or at least I didn’t know I was unhappy. Fast forward to 2009; after a hiatus of about 21 years, this “condition” returned with a vengeance; this need to tell a story. As one might expect, I’ve lost all my writing mojo or perhaps I never actually had it in the first place. This is my attempt to reclaim my lost youth. Hmmm, that officially makes this a mid-life crisis. Groovy.  

It’s well and truly sad that this is my red Corvette. At least I still have my hair; no, wait; that’s not right either. In any event, here is one record of the journey; the paths taken to capture the art of crafting a fine tale. Now, how compelling my storytelling is, I leave as an exercise to the reader.

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