Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan is full-time caregiver for her mother who has Parkinson’s Disease. Her son, Alex, is a United States Marine; and her sweet Shih Tzu is named Hope. She is an avid reader who also enjoys writing, photography, art, and computing.

Three other facts that inform her writing:

  1. She is a dedicated Christian (Southern Baptist) who seldom attends church and welcomes discourse with those of differing opinions. After all, she is also a Democrat! Makes her a bit of a contradiction, but combining differences can be good.
  2. JoAnn has Schizo-Affective Disorder, and is currently stable on medication. One of the periods of time she lost touch with reality is recorded on her blog in the archives for 2005.
  3. She is single. Having known love, she writes from that experience though not about anyone in particular.

She writes poetry, journals, and dabbles in short stories, personal essays, inspirational writing, memoir, and novel starts. She hopes to put together a book one day. For a while in the 90s, she published and edited a desktop-published full-sized literary/art magazine.