Mel Jones

Mel had her own column in a newspaper at fifteen and wanted to be the next Shakespeare or Tolkien. But ended up Bombeck, with a smattering of Sedaris.
And then life intervened. The stories that are her world are vivid and sometimes so outrageous that she finds herself asking, who needs fiction? She writes about the things that would keep her from writing as well as those things that drive her forward.

She is disgustingly over-educated, holding six degrees (so far). She has done extensive genealogical research, edited a now defunct literary journal, and has taught writing to students from kindergarten through college. She is the founder of The Midlothian Writer’s Workshop.  

Mel’s current projects include an as yet untitled interactive textbook on writing, and three, separate, thematically linked collections of    essays.

She lives and writes on a small leisure farm west of Richmond, Virginia with her partner, parrots, and progeny. Mel routinely shares   her musings on her blog, Mel’s Madness. You can also find her on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.