Kiril Kundurazieff

Kiril, The Mad Macedonian–Writer, Cycling Dude, Cat Lover

Hello, dear reader, welcome to my world!

Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Kiril Kundurazieff, and I was born March 5, 1960, in Pomona, Ca., the son of an immigrant Father, and American Mother.

I am a Writer, and Cat Lover, with a peculiar sense of humor to match.

My whole working life, since 1984, has been involved in customer service, mostly retail.

I am good with people, and helping customers on the phone, and face to face…..

I’m a “New Journalist”: A creative writer, poet, storyteller, humorist, reporter, commentator, and photographer, who hopes to eventually earn an income from his writing ability.

I have been occupied with Creative Writing, online, since 1998! Blogging since 2002!

Over the years the subjects have been varied, but one thing visitors can count on, in addition to tales of my everyday life, and that of my Cats,, Mr. Nikita, and Elvira Mistress of Felinity, is being made to think.

So check your expectations at the door, and don’t forget to pet the Cats, and give them a treat, on the way out the door, when you leave.

Where you can find me, and my Cats, online:  

Musings of a Mad Macedonian – 2007 to Present

Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussucat – 2010 to Present

The Cycling Dude – 2003 to 2010


@KGkundurazieff on Twitter  


My Official, detailed, “About Me Page”, with more information about me ( And the Cats, too! ) can be found HERE