Mariya Koleva

Mariya Koleva was born and raised in Socialism. Fortunately for her, Socialism instilled some true humanistic moral values in its children. Unfortunately for her, Mariya was one of the very few who really believed in those values and accepted them at “face value”.

She is not a native speaker of English, but over the past couple of years, that is the language in which she has mainly written. And she does write. Maybe not too prolific, perhaps a little profane, possibly somewhat too pathetic even, at times. But she persists in writing. Ever since she discovered the power of words.

To begin at the beginning, Mariya started making small rhymes when she was at pre-school. Couldn’t remember them, as she hadn’t mastered the pen yet. Later, at school, she started writing poetry. Her father took out his notebook of poetry he had written in his tumultuous youth. She didn’t understand half of it, as all was about love. Yet, she felt she was part of something special, some family tradition of literature. Oh, her father’s sister, Mariya’s favourite aunt, just happens to be a school-teacher in none other subject, but Literature. That meant good company and delightful book discussions. That meant encouragement, above all.

To speak the truth, after graduation she almost quit writing. Life got in the way, a lot happened. Suddenly, there were many other things to do instead of write. Besides, nobody was reading. Until one day she found herself putting down verses. Then, another day, she met a wonderful writing and reading community over the Internet. Yes, finally, the Internet was put to a good use. That is an English-speaking community. No trouble. Mariya Koleva has an MA in English Literature and her Master thesis was written and defended in English. After graduation, she has been teaching and translating for a living. She has been translating fiction as a hobby, too. Suddenly, she took on a new hobby – blogging and fiction writing. All that with moderate success. But she despairs not, for the best is yet to come.  

Oh, and did I mention that she LOVES cats? First, she used to hate cats. That’s a long story. Better save it for some other time.  

On a credit note, Mariya is forever grateful to her awesome, handsome, patient and caring husband. Writing needs supportive spouses at all times!

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  1. August 7, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Sounds wonderful – keep writing!

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