Veronica Roth

Veronica was born in Prague, Czech Republic and has lived in Austria, Switzerland, Canada, France and England, and so is fluent in four languages. For the past few years she’s split her year between Vancouver, Canada and Oxfordshire England, and is currently talking about a houseboat on the Seine, thereby confirming everyone’s suspicions that a true Bohemian can’t be settled down.

After finishing a completely useless BSc degree, she decided on a much more useful BA CMNS and a post graduate Magazine Publishing diploma and immediately won first prize for an anthology of free verse poetry, began having her art shown in galleries and began publishing magazine articles. Her goal is to always be able to take her work with her where ever she is and since she really doesn’t have the stomach for medicine anyway, art is just fine.

Veronica has three children who have grown and somehow multiplied into seven. At first, having an on-line presence sounded like a good way to keep in touch with her family when she was in a different country for months at a time, but, like with all artistic projects Veronica begins, it has taken on a life of its own and has spun slightly out of control. She’s just managing to stop it from total domination.  Wordsmith Studio Founder Badge

 In her spare time she paints, photographs, writes, hikes, kayaks, swims, skis, restores her 1959 mini, travels…paints…wait…what  spare time? She has been known to scuba dive, fly gliders, mountain climb and has jumped out of an airplane once…once was enough.

Veronica is hopeless at planning and, besides a nice cup of tea, has no idea what the future will bring. Right now she is interested, later she hopes to be interesting. 

You can also find her at:

Her webpage, Veronica Roth