Bonnie J. Vesely

Bonnie grew up on the Illinois prairie, in a large extended family of storytellers who still sit around the dessert table every Saturday night, reminiscing about  their early lives spent in the coal camps of southern West Virginia. She loved the fairytales that her Mom and aunts read to her in her earliest years, read newspaper comic strips over her Dad’s shoulder every evening, and the only trouble she ever got into during grade school (beyond the time she ditched volleyball with a bunch of other 6th grade classmates) was for hiding novels under her desk and reading her way through the school day.

 After winning a couple of fiction and poetry contests  in 5th and 6th grades, and having a poem published in the local newspaper, it occurred to her that she could WRITE books instead of merely reading them – and make a living doing so.  How cool was THAT?!!  She resolved to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by publishing her first book before the age of 13.

It didn’t happen. Indeed, after three years in a high school workshop for gifted writers, Bonnie decided that she had – ahem – some “self-discipline” issues and would probably starve to death if she tried to make a living as a writer.  She wound up getting B.A. and M.A. degrees in social science and criminal justice, and fell into a career of social service program management and community organizing. She kept writing, though much of her writing was work-related, and even published a  couple of poems in Cicada for Teens. And she eventually recognized that it was the writing, PR, story-pitching, research and strategizing functions of this career that made her come alive.

Today, Bonnie is a career coach to progressive world-changers and artists of all kinds, and a writer of fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction. She has both a novel and non-fiction book in the works, and blogs at JustVentures Coaching and Word Junkie. She blissfully writes away much of her day with canine muses Mooshka and Cappuccino at her feet, tripping her every time she gets up for another cup of coffee. 

In her spare time, she spends way too much time on Facebook , reads, hikes, kayaks, does a little photography, plays with gourd-art, boasts about her EXTREMELY talented artist-daughters, and is slowly learning to plunk out “Old Dan Tucker” on the banjo. She lives with her musician husband, Larry (who immediately masters any musical instrument he picks up), and aforementioned muses near Bloomington, Indiana. And she spends as much time as possible in the mountains around Asheville, NC.