Kelly Williamson

Photo of Kelly Williamson

Kelly Williamson is a writer and blogger, mother of two, wife, and elementary school assistant principal. She has always had a passion for writing and, when in the classroom, often used her own writing to teach her students about the writing process. She has written short stories, picture books, and personal essays, one of which was featured in Robert Lee Brewer’s “Life Changing Moments Series.”

Several months ago, Kelly faced a tragic family situation that left her wondering how to move forward with a life so seemingly uncharted. Through her blog, This is Mine…Seriously, she explores those emotions and also delves into the discoveries she has made about coping with the virtual loss of her mother. Her posts are often emotional, somethimes humorous, and always straight from the heart.

In addition to her blogging and writing fiction, she is also studying the genre of memoir as she begins the process of writing her own story, forever hopeful that her pain can somehow make a difference in the lives of others. In addition to this site, you can also connect with Kelly on Facebook and Twitter.