Patrick J. Walsh

Patrick J. Walsh is the author of two books — the 3 volume Spaceflight: A Historical Encyclopedia (ABC-CLIO / Greenwood, 2010) and Echoes Among the Stars (M.E. Sharpe, 2000). He has also written more than 250 paid, bylined articles for a wide array of print and online publications since the mid-1990s.

Prior to launching his full-time writing career in 1996, Pat taught writing and literature at his undergraduate alma mater, Pace University, in the northern suburbs of New York City. He simultaneously worked full-time as Information Systems Manager for Intertec Publishing Corporation, and served as Marketing Manager for a monthly electronics industry trade magazine, EE Product News. He received his master’s degree in Humanities from Manhattanville College in 1993.

Pat currently produces several web video series (episodes available at his YouTube channel) and the Media Intercept blog. Samples of his published work can be found at his portfolio website.